EL-PIKIR The Center of Public Opinion Study and Forecasting works 15 years, since 1999. Initiator of establishment of the center was a group of like-minded people from different spheres - an economist, a sociologist, a programmer, a lawyer and psychologist.
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  15-06-2020, 06:01
The Public’s Trust in Volunteer Organization in Kyrgyzstan
Like many other developing countries, Kyrgyzstan entered the COVID-19 period with a number of pre-existing challenges that threatened an effective response to the crisis. Poverty, unemployment, weak healthcare system, and, in general, inefficient public policy being at the top.
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  20-03-2020, 09:59
Happy Nowruz!
The Nowruz holiday in Kyrgyzstan marks the coming of spring and is celebrated on the day of the Spring Equinox.Most families have a long tradition of setting off a festive table full of many different dishes to welcome numerous guests. However, we should resist the temptation and spend this holiday only with our closest ones this year for their own sake. We wish you all health and a long life, happiness, and well-being!
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  19-02-2020, 11:00
Technology and Social Research
Over the past two decades, the development of information technology has significantly changed our lives, influencing our behavior - consumer, voting, etc. On the one hand, technology makes our life more convenient and eventful, on the other - they are distancing us from each other more and more, replacing our real physical world with augmented experience. Socialized commerce allows brands to amuse people with the illusion of their key role in searching and buying processes, while databases, algorithms and artificial intelligence push us towards new goals that lead to specific outcomes with the preset targets. An unexpected and joyful experience of interacting with the relevant online communities gives us a sense of involvement and belongingness, while the latest estimates showed that the loneliness is rapidly increasing worldwide.
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  11-02-2020, 08:29
Safer Internet Day 2020
According to our last study on the risk of online child sexual exploitation over the Internet (2011), kyrgyzstani web users can freely access nearly 100 porn websites. Incidence of child pornography on websites - considering that it is banned practically throughout the world - is extremely high. Of the identified porn websites 61% had images of sexual violence against children, sometimes covering it up under various names including “humor/jokes”. Nine percent of surveyed children have heard before that some of their friends or classmates were asked to participate in porn filming, and 5% personally know children who took part in porn videos. According to children (42%) such invitations to participate in filming porn usually come from older age children and 21% of children said that such invitations come from acquaintances and adult strangers.
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  27-12-2019, 10:19
What you need to know for the 2020 parliamentary election
Upcoming elections to the National Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic (Zhogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic) might become the most unpredictable in the history of modern Kyrgyzstan. Even the date of the election is being debated. There were widely spread rumors of early elections, without any particular attempt to analyze whether early elections of the executive branch are in fact needed, or to demonstrate the mechanism for early dissolution of the parliament in the parliamentary republic such as Kyrgyzstan. It is not very clear which system the elections will be based on – will the entry barriers for parties be reduced, and will the party lists be open, in other words, will the voters be able to choose not only a party, but also individual candidates from a party list.
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  25-12-2019, 09:18
Summing up the outgoing year
Dear friends!
2019 is coming to the end and we would like to thank you all for spending this year with us! Together we dealt with many important issues by engaging into research activities to make a difference. We would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looking forward to an upcoming year of exciting challenges,
your El-Pikir team.
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